Miss Babs

Most of you will have met Bailey & seen my daily battles to keep Elvis from barging into the house. And because life isn’t busy or exciting enough last year I decided to add an extra element of chaos to the day, Barbara.

We’d been thinking about getting another dog for a while but couldn’t agree on what kind. I was insistent on another Bailey, something labrador based. Easily bribed with food of any kind, loyal and ploddingly dependable. David however had other ideas. Think of any breed know for stubbornness, needing a firm hand, lots of exercise. Preferably big and quite wary of strangers – that’s what we were having. Not one suggestion would have passed the interview for ideal B&B dog.

We were at an impasse until the fateful hand of Facebook intervened with this photo.


Six puppies born in an animal shelter in Spain, plus mum, all needing homes. Heart melted, no discussion, puppy found. Obviously I didn’t admit to having signed up to adopt, completed the application form and booked a home check. Just started to sow the seed that maybe we should adopt not shop. It wasn’t an easy sell but gradually David started to come around to the idea. Endless puppy photos can be very wearing.

Unfortunately the whole litter contracted parvo from the shelter and gradually all of them were living at the vets. One by one they started to fade and I’d get daily updates from the Spanish fosterer to say that another hadn’t made it. But two survived and I was delighted when we got to choose which we’d like? The boy or the girl.

Barbara moved to a wonderful foster home with her brother Eddie and a UK based charity Angels Kiss worked with Pets Go Home to arrange the transport here. For anyone thinking of doing the same I can’t stress just how fabulous all of these people are. Everything was taken care of vaccinations, passport, transport. All we had to do was wait.

Obviously she checked in on Friday afternoon, just as everyone else did. So no time to settle in, straight to work as the new B&B dog on the block. She’s a year old now and despite the escapology, chewing, trashing & early morning howling she’s great.

So in order to give a little back and to help more dogs like Barbara we’re going to be doing a couple of things and we’d like your help. Firstly we’ll be holding a champagne High Tea on Sunday 15th July with all proceeds going to Teluma’s Dream, (the charity run by Maria who initially rescued and then fostered Barbara.) If you like to come please give me a call.

We also now have two rooms where you are welcome to bring your bestie along. Rooms 1 & 6 are dog friendly with easy access to the garden. Unlike most places we don’t charge a supplement for bring a well behaved dog. Instead we’ll be providing a gift from Barbara and asking that you leave a donation (monetary not bagged!) to Angel’s Kiss – the York based charity who co-ordinate the adoption and ongoing support once the dogs arrive in the UK.


So really hope to see you soon, either at the Sunday high tea, or with your fur baby. Babs and Bailey aren’t the most sociable, they hate entertaining at home. But are always happy to share treats and the inside on the best walks in the area.


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