Ruin Mother/Mother’s Ruin – Part 2

And after a day spent with your nearest & dearest you might need a little lift. Loved this cocktail recipe from The Modern Pantry in this week’s Saturday Guardian.

It reminded me of the time I recommended The Modern Pantry as a breakfast venue for my Mum & her friends. Unfortunately Clerkenwell is not a part of London any of them know & by the time they’d circled, passed & missed the place breakfast was long over.

Taking pity on them the fabulous staff sat them in a quiet corner with a glass of champagne until the lunch service started.

They had a great time & would love to go back – unfortunately none of them have any recollection of where it was or what they ate!

Stolen from

Cocktail of the week: a Mother’s Day tipple from the Modern Pantry – recipe

Mum’s the word this weekend, says the Modern Pantry’s bar manager, with this nifty cocktail recipe for the most important woman in your life

Good mixer: Mother’s little helper cocktail
 Photograph: Dan Matthews for the Guardian

We came up with this for Mother’s Day, in honour of mums everywhere. It’s a twist on the classic French 75, only blue (like valium), and we’ve called it Mother’s Little Helper. Serves one.

20ml gin (we use The London No 1)
5ml blue curaçao
10ml lemon juice
10ml sugar cane syrup (made the usual way, by dissolving 2 parts sugar cane in 1 part water)
80ml champagne 

Put everything bar the champagne in a shaker, add ice and shake. Strain into a flute, top with champagne and garnish with an edible flower.

 Pablo Lopez Jarana is bar manager at The Modern Pantry, London EC2.

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