Alex Polizzi’s Little Black Book

You may remember my New Years phone call from Channel 5’s ‘The Hotel Inspector’ saying that she would like to come and visit…Well, 6 months later, Alex Polizzi’s ‘Little Black Book of Hotels’ has hit the shelves and guess who’s first on the list!

Alex takes the hassle out of hotel selection, revealing her pick of the very best places to stay in Great Britain. And you can rest assured that all of the outstanding destinations featured—one for every weekend of the year– live up to the inspector’s impeccable standards.

Here’s a taster of what she had to say about us….
“You could be forgiven for thinking that the glory days of Morecambe, its spectacular bay, arcades and Winter Garden, once host to the West End’s finest shows, were long past. The completed restoration of the famous Art Deco Midland Hotel, however, with sculptures designed by Eric Gill, has encouraged high hopes that it may provide a springboard for the area’s resurgence. In much the same way nearby Lancaster – once a thriving Georgian port at the centre of trade with the West Indies – seems on the up and up.Although its trading days are long past, the town now has a champion in the form of James Gray, the native-born but recently returned proprietor of The Ashton – a square, handsome house with regular windows, built in 1834 with stone from the local quarry, now Williamson Park. James opened it only 18 months ago, having spent five months transforming the five rooms.On approach, you drive into a gravel courtyard where chickens and ducks wander, apparently untroubled by any predator. A knock at the slate-grey door and you are into the hall. On your left is the sitting room, with its ivory pillar candles clustered, burning, in the grate. The bookshelf and table are stocked with what seems to be every interior design book ever published. The walls and ceiling are painted in “invisible green” – a dark and sexy colour that sets off the room’s mirrors, flowers and candles.The dining room on your right, painted in the same colour, has a huge, marble-topped wooden sideboard displaying homemade cakes under sparkling glass domes. The lighting is flattering, and the general effect is stage-set perfect, yet homely.”

We have one copy of this fantastic book to give away, to enter simply send your name and email address to ‘’ along with your answer to the following question to be added to our customer database.

Q– How many hotels are featured in the book?

Winner to be announced next week!

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